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Why it's time to start using a password manager

Bill Snyder | Dec. 4, 2014
It's holiday shopping season, and it's time for me to nag you about security. You'll likely be shopping online a lot in the coming weeks, and many of the sites you visit will require passwords. None of us have solid-state memory inside of our heads (yet), so it's easy to be sloppy with passwords. Don't. Seriously. People get hacked all the time, and it's a major pain in the butt.

I've heard good things about a third popular password manager called 1Password, but it's expensive at $49.99 for the Mac or Windows version, and $17.99 for the iPhone app.

Regardless of the service you pick, do not use the same password across multiple sites. Hacks often occurs on sites' servers and not your computer. So, for example, if your bank is hacked and the Bad Guys get your password, you don't want them to be able to use it to access your brokerage account or medical records.

Oh yeah, also make sure your master password isn't something lame like "123" or "password." But you knew that, right?


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