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Why are phishers targeting gamers? 'Cause that's where the money is ...

Mark Gibbs | July 1, 2014
Phishers, recognising the potentially rich pickings, use messages that lead to Web sites with very similar names to those of the gaming sites to get gamers to login in with the credentials they'd use for the real site.

The genius, if such can be termed, of the phishing is that the target audience is generally naive about such attacks and the techniques are easily deployed. What should worry every corporate security executive is that while staff may face financial loss from these exploits there's also the very real potential for gamers to becomes gateways for hackers' entry into corporations particularly where Bring Your Own Device programs are supported.

Once again it becomes clear that no amount of security and education can remove all corporate risk; it's become a matter of simply minimizing exposure and expecting some degree of loss. It rather makes you long for the simplicity of the days of Mario, doesn't it?


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