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This Ashley Madison hack download story keeps getting worse

Richi Jennings | Aug. 26, 2015
Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman feels victimized by criminal hackers, but some observers aren't sympathetic.

But rhtimsr1970 ain't so sure:

[His] findings are based on his own personal whims for which there are many easy rebuttals. 
[He] is rushing to conclusions. ... I'm not sure why I never bother reading his lunacy anymore.  

And dakdestructo agrees:

Read like satire, having no knowledge of this guy beforehand. His reasoning for the perpetrator being a woman seems pretty thin. 
He has to brag about himself before giving the evidence just to cover up how ****** it is. "Trust me bro I'm 100% right you don't need to know why but I guess you can read it if you need to."

Update 1: Kate Cox steers us back into the current:

Ashley Madison is doing everything they can to stem this leak, like the proverbial child with his finger against a hole in the dam. It is, of course, far too late for that; to...torture the metaphor, the dam, the kid, and everything else have already been flooded out and are swimming around in a brand new, very deep lake. Filled with sharks. 
Ashley Madison is filing DMCA requests left and right, claiming that as they own copyright on the leaked materials, it is unlawful to redistribute or look at them. ... Whether they have a leg to stand on with those claims, however, is another story. ... You can copyright original works, but not lists of facts. 
Sadly, in the wake of the breach multiple users of the site are reported to have committed suicide. 
Avid Life is...already facing a lawsuit on its home turf in Canada, and at least four lawsuits...have been filed in U.S. federal courts. 

Update 2: It's time for an Alabaman PSA, via Leada Gore:

There have probably been some heated conversations in homes around America this week [in] couples who find a spouse's name among the Ashley Madison users. 

But be careful before jumping to conclusions about the data, Brad Green. "Before someone runs out to see a divorce lawyer they really need to think about where this data came from. ... It may not be evidence that someone really was using this site. ... It's hearsay. It's unverifiable. 
"We've never had a hacked website before with this many people basically publicly accused of cheating on their spouses. It's very important for people not to jump to firm conclusions," he cautioned.  


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