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Technology investment strengthens cyber security

Anuradha Shukla | May 16, 2014
Report identifies three areas for investment: cyber threat resiliency, end-user experience optimization and cloud security.

Investment in technologies can build better anticipatory defenses and improve business productivity, according to a new Security for Business Innovation Council (SBIC) report by RSA.

This report "Transforming Information Security: Focusing on Strategic Technologies," recommends accelerated investment in cyber threat resiliency, end-user experience optimization and cloud security.

Having observed the major innovations underway in security technology, council members have recognised that organisations are not developing or implementing these technologies quickly.

However, organizations realise breaches are inevitable and are working towards minimizing their impact. 

"Increasing resilience is core to any organizations' cyber defense strategy," said Amit Yoran, senior vice president, RSA, The Security Division of EMC. "Employing the right technologies that provide better visibility and analysis to actually anticipate attacks can and should reduce risk to the business."

Big Data analytics 

Big Data analytics is a foundational technology that can help organisations to achieve a stronger cyber defense.

Organizations are encouraged to invest in next-generation anti-malware technology and cloud security services are said to help enterprises with visibility and control.

The Council recommends organisations to connect and consolidate information from multiple applications when making a decision to invest in security technologies.

Organisations should also conduct SWOT analysis, create an enterprise-wide Big Data strategy, and determine security capabilities required to protect against a dynamic threat landscape.

"The speed of change is quicker than it's ever been. You've got to inject flexibility and innovation into your strategy," said Simon Strickland, global head of Security, AstraZeneca. "Because 18 or even 12 months down the line, technology will have moved, your adversaries will have moved on, and you can pretty much guarantee there will be questions about why you're not keeping up with developments."


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