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Synchronized security is the right arsenal for modern CSOs: Sophos exec

Yogesh Gupta | Oct. 20, 2017
We have enough skin in the game to secure both endpoint and network of digital enterprises, says Joergen Jakobsen, MD-APJ at Sophos


Securing the endpoints first, or ensuring the network is secure becomes more of a dilemma for CSOs and IT leaders in the digital era. CSO India had an intriguing chat with Joergen Jakobsen, senior vice president and managing director, APJ Sales, Sophos on the company's big focus to steer its value proposition to the organizationsIntercept X is accelerating our end point security envelope supplemented by the company's growing footprint in the network security domain, says Joergen Jakobsen popularly known as JJ.

What major changes have you implemented as APJ leader at Sophos since last December?


The company had two theaters-Japan independently and Asia Pacific, when I came into the company. Sophos decided to put Japan and APAC under one leadership.

That was the first big part to integrate the operations of Japan into APAC region. As part of the reorg, a new MD was appointed for Sophos Japan. I was appointed to lead APJ and drive the sales across the region at Sophos.

I have been focused to leverage more synergy between the five regions under APJ - India, ANZ, ASEAN, Greater China and Japan - since then. The objective is to provide more empowerment to each individual region as we work on financial structure, faster decision making to stay fast and agile in our overall processes. And importantly we want to stay optimized to our customers and partners in each country.


Do you see definite opportunities for Sophos beyond its dominance in domain of end-point security? Is the new GTM revolved around bundling products of network with end-point and vice versa?

Many people perceive Sophos as only end-point security company because of the company's legacy in that domain. But today Sophos is pretty much fifty-fifty across end-user security and network security across most of the customers. We have a good portfolio mix and 'best-in-breed' products in the two sides as well as cloud offerings around it. We are uniquely positioned as the industry's only security vendor with a portfolio that spans the entire spectrum with market leading products on both sides.

 Sophos has been working on synchronized security for a long time, and many of our customers have taken advantage from it. Deploying 'best in class' point products individually is fine; but how do you make them talk to each other? The increasingly sophisticated threat landscape infused with point products that don't speak to each other is a colossal challenge for many companies. The report of shortage of skillsets or manpower in cybersecurity globally (the figure of one million jobs is expected to go up to 1.5 million next year) does not help solve the problem. We are making sure to have an integrated security system that is automated, works together and simplify the way end users and partners react during a breach and fix it.


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