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Symantec lays out advanced threat protection roadmap

Thor Olavsrud | May 6, 2014
With black hat hackers now outgunning legitimate organizations, the world's largest security company is adopting a new integrated approach to advanced threat protection.

Security of the Future Requires Adversary Intelligence
Within the next two quarters, Symantec says it plans to introduce a new Security Intelligence service that leverages its Symantec Global Intelligence Network (GIN) and a team of more than 550 researchers around the world to anticipate attacks.

The GIN platform continuously collects anonymous telemetry submitted from hundreds of millions of customers and sensors - more than 3.7 trillion rows of security telemetry data, Dye says - that allow Symantec to discover new attacks and monitor attacker networks. The Security Intelligence service will use the intelligence gathered by Symantec to monitor bad guys and understand who they're attacking and why.

"If you understand what the bad guys are going after, you can do things totally differently," Dye says.

For instance, if you know attackers are seeking a certain type of data, you build specific monitoring around that data and people in your organization with access to that data. If you know an attacker is seeking to insert malicious insiders into an organization like yours, you can give additional scrutiny to background checks on new people in your organization.

Also within two quarters, Symantec plans to introduce an Incident Response service that provides customers with immediate access to critical capabilities, knowledge and skill sets during incident response scenarios.

"We've been building up staff over the past six months," Dye says.

Finally, Symantec says it will tie it all together with a new Advanced Threat Protection Solution, an on-premise offering that Dye says will go into beta within the next six months and will be generally available within the next 12 months. The end-to-end solution will deliver integrated advanced threat protection across the endpoint, email and gateway.

It will leverage two new organically developed Symantec technologies: the Symantec Dynamic Malware Analysis Service and Synapse. The Dynamic Malware Analysis Service is a cloud-based sandbox environment for behavioral analysis of active content, while Synapse enables smooth communication between the endpoint, email and gateway.

"We're going to be pricing this aggressively and we're going to offer extended free trials to customers so they can see it for themselves," Dye says.


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