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Stuxnet the movie: The U.S. has pwned Iran

Tim Greene | July 11, 2016
Zero Days=A documentary about Stuxnet which emphasizes on cyber operations against Iraq

The government doesn’t acknowledge that it engages in cyber weaponry, and that is a problem for trying to keep their use under control, says Richard Clark in the film. Clark is a former presidential security adviser to presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. He says it may be difficult, but treaties and international agreements about these weapons can be achieved, just as they have been for nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

Former NSA and CIA director Gen. Michael Hayden says these weapons must be discussed publicly in mature debate in order to avert widespread disaster based in their use. “This stuff is hideously over classified,” he says in the film.

The consequences of attacking critical infrastructure with cyber attacks is enormous, according to anonymous CIA and NSA personnel quoted in the film. “If you shut down the power grid, you can’t just pop it back up,” they say. The death toll could be enormous if a nation’s power was down for an extended period.

And the U.S. infrastructure is just as vulnerable as anybody else’s. “Something we can do to others is something they can do to us, too,” they say.


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