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Stuxnet part of US 'Olympic Games' cyber-weapons programme

John E Dunn | June 4, 2012
The Stuxnet worm was part of a US cyberweapons programme called ‘Olympic Games’ sanctioned by President Obama to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities that unexpectedly escaped the country’s enrichment plants, a forthcoming book will claim.

Stuxnet's targeting of industrial control systems has long been pinned on the US and Israel on the basis of motivation and the latter two pieces of malware are also seen as being as the handiwork of these countries. More cyber-weapon malware will surely be discovered in time.

The danger, of course, is that other countries will be emboldened by the US programme to release disruptive malware of their own. This is not to say that such malware doesn't exist already, merely that the price for using it in terms of embarrassment has now come down. If Stuxnet is seen as making powerful cyber-weapons mainstream, it might soon be seen as legitimate and normal for countries to undermine each other using software.

Is the account offered plausible? Some will doubt it - or some of it - but at least some details are already known, including the use of thumb drives to attack Natanz. Either way, Sanger's book, Confront and Conceal is published next week.


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