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SSH reduces unauthorised access risk

Anuradha Shukla | May 24, 2012
Introduces enterprise class SSH user key management solution.

SSH Communications Security is reducing risk of unauthorised access with the release of the first and only enterprise class SSH key management solution.

SSH User Key Management is the new extension of the company's SSH Information Integrity Platform and eliminates complex manual work in addition to improving visibility and compliance in organisations.

SSH Communications Security is known the world over as the inventors of the SSH protocol - the gold standard protocol for data-in-transit security solutions.

The company notes that it is challenging for businesses to map the trust relationships between individual users, system accounts and application ID's to their respective targeted destination SSH servers.

Businesses can use the SSH key management solution to identify, organise and maintain trust relationships of applications, user and service accounts to their respective target SSH servers.

"Enterprises using public key authentication to manage access to these servers are faced with a significant challenge in terms of knowing who and what may access those servers," said Tatu Ylönen, CEO of SSH Communications Security. "We developed an effective SSH user key management solution to answer this huge market need."

Three-phased approach

The Universal SSH Key Manager extends SSH's ability to control and manage another facet of the SSH infrastructure already prevalent in today's enterprises.

SSH can currently centrally manage configurations, deployments, policies and host keys for its own commercial Tectia SSH variant as well as OpenSSH.

Functioning through a three phased approach, the newly released solution first helps in the discovery of the legacy environment of existing deployed private and public keys and their associated users.

This environment is then locked down and the servers linked to their respective authorised users. Finally, the environment is managed and keys automatically deployed, revoked, recertified and rotated.

"We are excited to work closely with our key customers to address the primary problems they face today in managing their SSH environment," said Matthew McKenna, head of Sales and Marketing. "We have approached this problem from the perspective that any solution we provide must improve process, decrease operational costs, mitigate the current risks in managing SSH user keys and finally ensure compliance under PCI-DSS, SOX and HIPAA standards."


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