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Singaporean parents unaware of children’s online activities

Anuradha Shukla | May 20, 2014
Findings from Trend Micro survey of 695 respondents from Singapore.

Less than 30% of parents are completely aware of their children's online activities, according to findings from Trend Micro survey of 695 respondents or parents from Singapore.

This is alarming as half of the kids and teens in Singapore have their own personal devices for accessing the internet, such as laptops, tablets or smartphones.

More than 70% of parents are concerned about their children surfing inappropriate content but less than 30% install or enable parental controls.

Only 24% of parents said they are very confident in securing their family from online threats.

"Children these days have high dependency on the Internet - be it for playing online games, staying connected with friends via social media or mobile chat apps, or as a research tool for school work," said Terrence Tang, regional director, Digital Marketing & Consumer Business, Trend Micro. "With the daily increase of cybercriminals, parents need to be aware of the potential for online trouble and keep tabs on young netizens in order to create a safe online environment for their families."

Spending time online

More than half of Singaporean children spend at least 3 - 4 hours online each day.

About 75% of parents find online security as very important and 89 % of parents said their top internet and online safety concerns were computer viruses and other malware.

81% parents find malicious websites and 71% find exposure to inappropriate content as the top internet and online safety concerns.

Trend Micro advises parents to ensure transparent communication with children and teens in order to protect them from potential cyber threats.

Parents should also stay connected to the sites their children visit, keep themselves updated about threats and security issues and secure their computers and mobile devices with reputed computer security software.




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