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Security trends to watch in 2010: A mid-year status check

Symantec | Aug. 13, 2010
As 2009 came to a close, we at Symantec looked into our crystal ball and made a few predictions of what we expected to see in 2010.

Status: On track

Reasoning: As of June 2010, Symantec data indicates that one in 387 IMs contain some form of hyperlink and that one in eight hyperlinks are to a malicious website, i.e. the website harbored some form of malware designed to perform a drive-by attack on a vulnerable Web browser or browser plug-in.

Prediction #14

Non-English Spam Will Increase As broadband connection penetration continues to grow across the globe, particularly in developing economies, spam in non-English speaking countries will increase. In some parts of Europe, Symantec estimates the levels of localized spam will exceed 50 percent of all spam.

Status: More likely next year

Reasoning: Further analysis shows that some domains experience higher than 50 percent spam rates in their local language, but the average isnt as clear. Certain domains, such as .com, still attract more English language spam than top-level country code-type domains. Although we expected this number to increase, the opposite has been the case in many non-English speaking countries. For example, Brazil has consistently had the highest percentage of spam in the local language, but rather than seeing this percentage increase from the high value we were seeing at the end of 2009roughly 41 percentthe percentage of spam in Portuguese has fallen to about 29 percent.



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