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Security startups hope to build venture-funded castles in the Innovation Sandbox

Steve Ragan | March 3, 2016
Some of the industry's most notable firms have gotten their start on the playground.

When safe SafeBreach looks at the network, it's looking for things that will lead to a successful compromise. But it doesn't conduct static penetration testing or vulnerability assessments.

SafeBreach looks at vulnerabilities and specific weaknesses applying context to the systems they're found in, and the network relationships they affect. It allows security teams to see how an attack could be conducted, how far into the network it could go, and what assets are placed at risk. Because it continuously runs attack scenarios, any changes to the network are added immediately to the assessment.

The standout aspect here is that, if it works as promised, SafeBreach enables a level of context that most organizations simply don't have. By seeing how an attacker could pivot from a compromised desktop into the shared drives on the fileserver, before heading out to the QA server, a company can make adjustments, such as applying patches, implementing stop-gaps, and more.


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