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Secure everything

F.Y. Teng | Aug. 30, 2010
The big chief of Check Point Software Technologies says we have to cover all the bases and get proactive on the information security front now, or else!

If you look 10 years ago or 12 years ago, you will find singularly important and obvious trends for everyone, such as connecting to the Internet, or moving to ERP.

Today, theres no one big trend like that. All our customers have well evolved infrastructures.

Each customer has a different focus area. The main thing is our customers now have to look at meeting a more balanced or more mixed set of needs. One customer may be talking to us a lot about upgrading or installing intrusion prevention. Anothers starting to worry about new trends like data leak prevention. But today theres no one big mass movement that sweeps everyone alongthat we can point to and say: Thats our growth engine.

Interestingly though, overall what enterprises need is a vendor who delivers flexible solutions that enables them to, in a very cost effective and efficient way, create their own portfolios, and to upgrade their systems.

Sure, there are trends like mobility. But I cant say mobility is suddenly making organisations change the way they operate radically. Yes, we all carry laptops and we all move around and were all connected to our networks and the Web through our mobile devices. But thats not something that just happened. We havent seen companies approaching us saying, Up to now, we havent allowed people connecting using their laptops or mobile devices. Now were going to give 20,000 employees laptops. All these trends happened or started to happen 10 years ago.

Yes, people get excited when I talk to them about how we can get them connected securely to their mobile environment from their iPhones. Yes, when I show them we have something that will give them that soon, they all get excited and say, Can we have it now?

But in big economical terms it doesnt change the business mix.

We cater to those, all the same.

For example, I give you a few things which we launched this year. And they all respond to customer requirements. One is a new concept in mobility. Its called Abra. Basically, you can take your secure desktop on a memory stick, a USB stick, and you can plug it into a system anywhere to get a secure virtual desktop. Just by plugging it in, youve gotten yourself connected securely to the enterprise.  And when you walk away, you basically take all your files with you and nothing stays on the machine youve just worked on.

Thats something that gets a lot of attention because it allows people, even those without laptops, to get mobility. I have a colleague who went on vacation recently. He didnt want to carry a laptop. He didnt want to work every day. But once every two weeks, when something urgent came up, hed go to hotel business centre and get the full secure environment there without having to worry about security.


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