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Say goodbye to your password – biometrics in 2016

Clayton Howes | July 7, 2016
The biometrics revolution is beginning, and it’s only going to get more exciting from he

Privacy is something that MoneyMe takes very seriously, as we're planning to become one of Australia's first quick finance companies to introduce biometric identification. This will make things safer and easier for customers when accessing their accounts.

So, say goodbye to your password. You won't need it anymore.

Here are just a few examples of biometrics techniques already being used across the world:

Fingerprint scanning

Human fingerprints are nearly unique and difficult to alter. And they're not only used on phones. In Japan, there are over 80,000 biometric ATMs.

Vein reading

Poland was the first country to introduce ATMs that used an infra-red reader to allow customers to withdraw money. In the US, nuclear power and biohazard plants have installed vein readers.

Iris recognition

Hundreds of millions of people around the world have had their irises scanned for their passports.

Google uses iris scanners to control access to its datacentres, while Microsoft also introduced two Lumia phones that use iris scans for security.

Facial recognition

Australia already uses facial recognition in border control - that's why the rules for your passport photo are so strict.

Speech identification

An advantage of speech identification is that you can authenticate your voice from a remote location (such as over the phone).

These are just some of the main biometric technologies already being deployed throughout Australia and overseas. But several others are emerging, including DNA analysis, keystroke recognition, gait analysis and EEG/EGC analysis.

Source: CSO Australia


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