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Safeguard online privacy, Singaporeans: Trend Micro

Ike Suarez | Dec. 20, 2013
Vendor gives advisory following results of its vulnerability quotient study

Singaporeans must do more to safeguard their online privacy, according to security solutions provider Trend Micro.

The Tokyo-based vendor gave the advisory following results of its Singapore survey as part of its Trend Micro Vulnerability Quotient study.

A  statement by the vendor announced some key findings of the survey whose sample size involved 2100 Singaporean consumers.


The findings dealt with lapses by Singaporeans with regard to posting personal information on social networking sites, password safety procedures, data back up practices, and use of security solutions

The survey showed that while one in four consumers post daily on their social network groups, only 40 percent have profiles limited to access by friends only.

The survey also showed that 32 percent of Singaporean consumers do not change their passwords at all and only 15 percent do so at least once every three months as recommended by online security experts.

The survey further noted that 20 percent of Singaporean consumers do not back up their data.

"If they do, only 25 percent believe against keeping eggs in one basket and saving it in multiple places," the statement said.

Likewise, the survey showed that only 20 percent of Singaporean consumers secure their devices with Internet security solutions.

This, in spite of the fact that 61 percent of Singaporean consumers personally own three devices consisting of a mix of smart phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

The statement implied an advisory for Singaporeans to be more selective about their online friends in their social networks.

It advised Singaporeans to manage their passwords well or "turn to secure and reputable password managing apps or software."

Implied likewise was an advisory that they back up their data and install Internet security solutions on their devices.

"There are simple ways consumers can stay protected, so that they can enjoy their digital lives freely and with a peace of mind," said Trend Micro Asia Pacific senior director of consumer business, Terence Tang.



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