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Nominum, F-Secure now allies

Zafar Anjum | Nov. 15, 2013
Strategic partnership to counter Bot threats

Nominum  Inc. and F-Secure Corp. have joined forces to combat Bot-induced malware as the two allies integrate their solutions to offer network providers  and their subscribers  more potent and several levels  protection against  a type of threat seen to worsen soon as the world grows increasingly networked.

The alliance took effect towards mid-November, announced a press statement by the Redwood, California - based Nominum.

The more potent antidote comes by way of the integration of Nominum's Subscriber  Safety solution with F-Secure's Antibot, a cloud-based application. The integration means a Botnet  infection will be detected  at the network level  without compromising subscriber privacy.

Following this, an infected subscriber will then receive notifications along with instructions on how to remediate. Protection from further such infection will then have been put in place.

Unparalleled Visibility

"The integrated solution allows unparalleled visibility to identify the infected device from a typical household network network, behind a NAT-based router (Network Address Translation),"  said the Nominum statement.

Nominum 's  Subscriber Safety solution does  the identification and pinpointing of the Bot threat while F-Secure's  Antibot application does the remediation.

The former leverages Nominum's Global Intelligence Xchange, a continuously updated database of threats. It delivers notifications of such threats through Nominum's  in-browser, compatible with any device able to support a browser.

The latter can identify a wide range of Botnet families, including rootkit infections. As it does so, the client sends back anonymous telemetry data to the network service provider and connects to common customer care systems.

This allows a performance review of a full closed-loop service.

The press statement quoted Nominum vice president for business development Ben McElroy as saying that the comprehensive solution "will create a safer Internet experience for subscribers".

On the other hand, F-Secure vice president for consumer security Maria Nordgren was quoted by the statement as saying, "Safe in the knowledge that their online activities are being protected, subscribers will access the Internet more frequently and be less inclined to switch providers."

Founded in 1999, Nominum is a developer of network-based solutions and applications  that leverages its pioneering efforts  in developing  commercial-grade DNS  applications.

Founded in 1988, the Helsinki-based F-Secure is a developer of online security applications for computers and smart phones. Its applications are used globally by over 200 operators.


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