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IoT will soon stand for Internet of Threats instead, Fortinet predicts

Zafirah Salim | Dec. 9, 2014
Following the five security predictions for 2015, Fortinet recommends cyber security vendors to make an even greater push towards actionable threat intelligence, as well as deploy a proactive incident response.

In 2015, damages will also extend to denial of service on assembly line, factory, ERP/SAP systems, as well as healthcare and building management, creating even more challenges in the way of critical consumer data compromises, revenue losses and reputation damages for organisations globally.

  • Rise in counter threat intelligence

Crime services and solutions have already supported QA for malware, including sample scanning. Fortinet predicts this to extend to support QA for threat intelligence and undetected coverage for indicator of compromise (IOC) in 2015. 

As crime services extend their research and coverage, hackers will utilise the same type of processes for determining the best ways to bypass security systems. For example, current crime services scan malware against vendors' capabilities to stop it, and give them a score result.

As vendors expand from malware detection to threat intelligence correlation, criminals will work to counter this movement with the same type of approaches to find out if their botnet infrastructure is flagged in other intelligence systems as well, and work to hide their tracks.

Protecting against new threats

In order to combat against these new threats, Fortinet recommends actions threat intelligence and network security vendors to adopt these measures:

  • Actionable threat intelligence

Security vendors are overloaded with threat intelligence, but technology must integrate to automate protection against that intelligence and not rely on administrative decision.

In 2015, cyber security vendors and managed security solutions will make an even greater push toward actionable threat intelligence, with proactive services that filter data that matters, and alerts clients to their potential vulnerabilities and protection measures, prior to an attack.

A vendor's ability to ensure interoperability between different security products as well as networking, computer, storage and end devices on the network will be a key to success, by helping to create a "self-healing" network similar to SDN, said Fortinet.

  • Proactive incident response

Incident response to date has generally been reactive. Moving forward, proactive response will significantly reduce damages that organisations will face in future.

The selection of third-party vendors that provide more secure development through Product Security Incident Response Teams (PSIRTs), as well as deep threat research, will limit breach scenarios before they happen. 

Two-factor strong authentication will also increase in 2015 as one simple and cost-effective proactive measure, while vendor incident response services will grow to help clients when they are under attack.

"Our white hat threat researchers step into the black hat world on a daily basis and think in tandem with the enemy, to help protect against the enemy," said Derek Manky, global security strategist at Fortinet.

"As threats move to attack new product and software solutions, organisations are at an even greater risk. It is imperative they choose not just a security solution, but a proactive and intelligent solution, to protect them from the broad breadth and depth of growing attacks that firewall solutions alone will not stop," he added.


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