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In a post Superfish world, it's time to hold PC vendors more accountable for adware

Mark Hachman | Feb. 23, 2015
Lenovo screwed up. The company's admitted it, and it's even almost apologized. But that's not enough. If the egregiously invasive Superfish software teaches Lenovo and other PC vendors anything, it's that they're accountable for the software they preinstall on computers.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 and its adware-free, crapware-free Signature Edition notebooks offer another way forward. These systems are more expensive on the outside, to be sure, but less intrusive on the inside. 

Lenovo, we don't want your adware. We don't want your antivirus subscriptions, Adobe Reader, iTunes, AOL dialup service or any such crap. We just want a well-made, durable computer. That's something worth paying a little more — though it's a shame it's even come to this. 


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