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How to use Touch ID finger scanning

Lucy Hattersley | May 20, 2016
The best way to set up Touch ID on an iPhone to get accurate finger scanning instead of having to enter passwords.

Touch ID used to unlock your iPhone by scanning your finger (or thumb) prints. The Touch ID sensor sits in the home button of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 (and soon the new iPad if rumours are to be believed). With Touch ID set up you can unlock your iPhone just by placing a finger or thumb against the home button of Apple device.

You can also make purchases from the App Store without entering your App Store passcode, just tap your finger against the Home Button. Touch ID was always a cool feature, but it's recently become far more useful thanks to iOS 8. In the latest version of Apple's iPhone operating system developers can integrate Touch ID into their apps: using the Touch ID feature to allow access to an app, and its contents. This is a godsend for apps that contain sensitive information, such as your banking details or personal data. Using Touch ID enables you to boost the security across your iPhone, and still quickly access different apps.

In this feature we're going to look at how to set up Touch ID, and how to use it to unlock the iPhone and using Touch ID with new apps.

How to set up Touch ID on an iPhone accurately

Setting up Touch ID on an iPhone couldn't be easier. It's typically set up for one finger or thumb during the initial start up process. If you own an iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 the iPhone will ask to scan one finger if you say yes to setting up a Passcode.

If you said no to setting up a Passcode (many people find entering the four-digit code annoying) then we suggest you quickly change your mind and set up Touch ID in the settings. Follow these instructions to set up Touch ID:

  1. Tap Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and Turn Passcode On.
  2. Enter and Reenter a four-digit code. Make sure it's something you can remember, but not something another person will guess (such as your birthday).
  3. Set iPhone Unlock to On. A Touch ID screen will appear.
  4. Place the thumb or finger that you use most frequently against the Home Button. Do not depress the Home Button: rest the finger against the Home Button with pushing it.
  5. Place Your Finger. The iPhone will buzz and a new screen appears called Place Your Finger. Now repeatedly lift and place the middle of the finger or thumb on the Home Button. You may be asked to slightly move your finger or thumb (but generally aim for the middle of your fingerprint) Each time you tap your finger to the phone the thumb graphic in the middle of the screen fills up in red (signifying that the thumb is being scanned).
  6. Adjust Your Grip. When you have scanned your eight times a new window appears called Adjust Your Grip. The next window is called Adjust Your Grip and is used to scan the edge of the thumb, or finger. This helps improve the accuracy of the Touch ID sensor. Tap Continue.
  7. Now tap the inside of your finger or thumb that normally rests against the Touch ID sensor. If tapping your thumb on your right hand, for example, tap the inside left part of the thumb. If tapping a finger tap the forward part (just underneath the nail). Tap this same spot repeatedly until Touch ID has scanned it.


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