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How San Diego’s CISO battles cyberthreats

Rob Enderle | Jan. 30, 2017
An overwhelming amount of ransomware and phishing attacks plague private and public companies. Columnist Rob Enderle writes how one CISO is successfully defending against the current threat landscape.

Now one interesting security product they are exploring is Flowscape from Webroot, a deep learning network anomaly tracker. On paper, it looks like it is incredibly advanced and I’ll be interested to see how his evaluation goes.   One troubling thing Flowscape apparently identified was that a lot of the devices they have with Chinese components connect to the component supplier in China regularly, something they were unware of (these are things that range from connected parking meters to stop lights).

But this showcases, like any well-secured shop, you use multiple layers of security products often from different vendors.

Using tech right to combat the threat landscape

It is always interesting to see if the local government in a high-tech region makes use of technology to aggressively advance productivity and defend against threats. I’m often more disappointed than surprised. However, Gary Hayslip and San Diego were exceptions in that they seem to have a strong handle on what needs to be done and what tools are needed to do it.  

If you get a chance you might want to check out Gary’s book and if you see him at RSA -- again, you’ll likely find him an interesting guy to chat with partially because he came out of the DOD. And that last may explain why he has a sense of humor, because you have to in order to survive this, and why he has been so successful in San Diego. Finally, kudos to San Diego’s mayor and city council. It isn’t often I speak of politicians as folks that get things done. You folks did and it makes me regret I’ve never lived in your fine city, especially now when I’m up to my hindquarters in snow.  


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