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Hire a DDoS service to take down your enemies

Ryan Francis | March 16, 2017
With the rampant availability of IoT devices, cybercriminals offer denial of service attacks to take advantage of password problems.

DDoS of Things (DoT) use IoT devices to build botnets that create large DDoS attacks. The DoT attacks have leveraged hundreds of thousands of IoT devices to attack anything from large service providers to enterprises. 

“Most of the reputable DDoS sellers have changeable configurations for their tool sets so you can easily set the type of attack you want to take place. I haven’t seen many yet that specifically include the option to ‘purchase’ an IoT-specific traffic emulator but I’m sure it’s coming. If it were me running the service I would definitely have that as an option,” Cunningham said.

According to an IDG News Service story, building a DDoS-for-service can also be easy. Often the hackers will rent six to 12 servers, and use them to push out internet traffic to whatever target. In late October, shut down its "Server Stress Testing" section, amid concerns that hackers were peddling DDoS-for-hire services through the site for as little as $10 a month.

Also in December, law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Europe arrested 34 suspects involved in DDoS-for-hire services.

If it is so easy to do so, why don’t these attacks happen more often?  

Cunningham said that these attacks do happen all the time, in fact they happen every second of the day. “You just don’t hear about it because a lot of these are more nuisance attacks than big time bring down the house DDoS type events,” he said.

Also a lot of the attack platforms being sold only take systems down for an hour or a bit longer. Usually an hour-long attack on a site will cost anywhere from $15 to $50. It depends, though, sometimes for better attack platforms it can hundreds of dollars an hour, he said.

The solution to cutting down on these attacks involves users resetting factory preset passwords on anything connected to the internet. Change the default password settings and disable things that you really don’t need.


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