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Fortinet warns Malaysians about the Dark Web

AvantiKumar | July 13, 2016
Only about 30 percent of content on internet is indexed by search engines such as Google, says Fortinet's ErIc Chin.

Eric Chan, Solution Consulting Director, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Fortinet 

Photo - Eric Chan, Fortinet's Solution Consulting Director for South East Asia & Hong Kong.


Prompted by a recent case of a British paedophile operating in Malaysia, networking security specialist Fortinet has issued an advisory warning Malaysians about the Dark Web where illicit videos and images were found posted.
Eric Chan, Fortinet's Solution consulting director for South East Asia & Hong Kong, said many experts believe that only about 30 percent of the internet is indexed by search engines such as Google; while the remaining 70 percent is not searchable. This part of the Internet is most commonly referred to as The Dark Web.

"Within the Deep Web are layers of abstraction that are differentiated by content, secrecy and difficulty in accessing them. The Dark Web is what lurks out of sight and beyond the reach of common Internet users," said Chan, adding that the Deep Web, "Hidden Web, or Invisible Web includes Internet web sites, chat channels, forums, and FTP sites accessible only through a series of high-level passwords and secret codes, known mostly to the underworld of cyber criminals."

He said the World Wide Web is divided into 5 levels:

  • Level 1 - Known as the common or 'Open to the Public' part of the Internet or Web.
  • Level 2 - Surface Web includes services such as Reddit, Digg, and temporary email services. It is essentially a communications platform, where you find chat boards and other social enabling content. It is not difficult to reach or obscured in any fashion.
  • Level 3 - Bergie Web includes other services besides WWW or Web services such as Internet newsgroups, FTP sites, honeypots, Google locked results, and other sites such as 4Chan. Again, this level is relatively simple to reach if you know where you are going.
  • Level 4 - Charter Web or Deep Web consist of hacker groups, banned media, activist communications, and other darker layers of the online society. Sites on this layer are not found using typical Web search engines. To access these sites, you must be invited by an existing member.
  • Level 5 - The Dark Web is where access is strictly via TOR (The Onion Router) network or other private networks. There is a variety of legal and illegal content on these sites which may include illegal materials such as drugs, human trafficking, bounty hunters, rare animal trade, hacker exploits, and other black market items and topics. The Dark Web is also referred to as the TOR network.


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