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Forcepoint to help Singapore companies prevent insider threats

Adrian M. Reodique | Aug. 18, 2016
Forcepoint is helping businesses accelerate their efforts to prevent insider threats through its SureView Insider Threat solution.

Forcepoint - a global cybersecurity provider - has launched SureView Insider Threat to help Singapore companies accelerate their efforts to prevent insider threats.   

"Insiders do more damage and go undetected longer than external threats. Until now, global enterprises haven't had an effective tool to protect against threats from within," said Matt Moynahan, Chief Executive Officer of Forcepoint, in a press release.

According to Forcepoint, negligence by employees is the number one cause of insider threats inside the network. External cyber criminals can operate undetected for 170 days, on average, but insiders escape detection for 259 days - thus creating more damage in the organisation.

In line, the SureView Insider Threat allows security professionals to identify early warning signs of abnormal behaviours, capture a video record of desktop activity, and stop the threat before sensitive data gets stolen.

The solution identifies the risk by baselining "normal" user behaviour. It will then point deviations from the norm like change in data access or copying files from network to desktop. It can also spot deviations at endpoint activity which may indicate a different person using stolen credential or hijacked system.

SureView also has DVR-like video capture and playback of end user's desktop activity for both Mac and Windows endpoints. This can provide insight into possible suspicious behaviours before they become problems.

Lastly, Forcepoint integrated its Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution with SureView to provide user behaviour context around attempts to transfer sensitive data. 


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