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Forcepoint is the new ‘end-to-end’ force of security world: Maurizio Garavello

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
Raytheon | Websense now has an extended play including network security under a new brand name ‘Forcepoint’ says Maurizio Garavello, VP APAC, Forcepoint.

The way we look at it internally; Raytheon is bringing consciousness around the user, Websense around the data and Stonesoft around the network. That's a strong play in modern security world.

Integration of cultures, products, hardware, software, operating software etcetera of different technology OEMs is a persistent challenge. Do you see a smooth path for Forcepoint?

In the past twenty four months, legacy Websense has integrated its solutions well into a comprehensive and seamless security platform. Raytheon itself in the past three to four years has completed over a dozen large acquisitions. Since Websense acquisition last year, Raytheon has integrated its platform and solutions too with the former.

We are pretty strong working on a well-planned path and absolutely ready for integration of products and people into a new company -Forcepoint.

What would be the top priorities for Forcepoint for 2016 and beyond?

We want to let the market understand that Forcepoint is not just about merging three companies. We are here to reshape the way security has been addressed so far. 'Forward without fear' is something very much embedded in our new culture in our new company. It comes down to train our partners and our customers to lay their hands on our products and technologies.

We have a great bold plan for FY16 in this growth market.

India is a golden market for every security OEM in APAC. Even for hackers from the economic growth perspective and the number of breach incidents. How do you view India for Forcepoint?

I echo the fact that India is a golden market for us. Historically Websense has been a visible brand and a leader in data and web security space in India. And we aim to be continue our leadership in the new addressable market too.

India is a super commitment market by Force point. Besides one of our tech support center in this region, we have many people deployed in India be it - presales, sales, marketing, HR etcetera.

Doing business in India is super enjoyable and so are the interactions with competent set of CISOs and CIOs of India Inc. There is a great corporate and security culture in this part of the globe. The level of engagement with the customers is fairly amazing.

The India market is super reactive as soon as you have a new story to tell. The customers are totally engaged in understanding the innovative products to improve the security posture at their company.

And we intent to make a good pitch and a great value proposition with CISOs in India through Forcepoint.

Source: Computerworld India 


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