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Fighting Heartbleed the Network Box way

Zafar Anjum | Oct. 31, 2014
Jan van Leersum, Managing Director, Network Box, Singapore talks about how his company was not susceptible to the Heartbleed vulnerability, and how they were able to protect their customers from the attack, without even needing an update.

In addition, our customers enjoy the services of a well-established, world-class Managed Security Service Provider, that is on Gartner 'Notable Vendor' list, is triple ISO Certified, and which protects many of the world's best known companies and organizations.

Can you give us examples of how your security offerings are superior to others? How did you handle the Heartbleed attack, for example?

Network Box 5, which is our next generation operating platform, was not susceptible to the Heartbleed vulnerability, and we were therefore able to protect our customers from the attack, without even needing an update.

However, in the case of the recent BASH vulnerability, also known as 'Shellshock,' an update was needed. Network Box proactively PUSHed out, in real-time, NBIDPS (Network Box Intrusion Detection and Protection System) and WAF+ (Web Application Firewall Plus) signatures, to detect and block that exploit. 

Unlike 'do-it-yourself' solutions, Network Box Security Operations Centres then notified our customers of the critical nature of the BASH vulnerability. We helped them identify any servers which might be vulnerable and therefore need patching, and we helped test the patched systems afterwards, to ensure that our customers were secured. Even though Network Box does Virtual Patching at our customers' gateways, it is still best practice to patch known vulnerabilities anyway.

All this was logged and audited, and when our customers were asked about the BASH vulnerability, they were able to tell their bosses that they are already protected against it. That is the Network Box difference, we offer our customers world-class security services, as well as peace of mind.

Give us an idea of your business footprint in Asia

In Asia we operate in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and of course Singapore; with future plans to develop into a number of additional countries.

What are your plans for the Singapore market?

Cyber Security is not just an 'IT issue' but rather a global issue that affects everyone. Today, your office network could be attack by domestic appliances that are part of a Botnet, your office CCTV could be spying on you, and your office copier could be sending confidential documents to cyber criminals. There are so many vectors of attack that several years ago, would have seemed like the work of science fiction.

At Network Box, we want to create cyber security awareness and make people realize that having comprehensive cyber security in place is not just 'smart business,' but ESSENTIAL for all businesses. Unfortunately however, most companies are still moving at the speed of 'Red Tape,' when it comes to getting protected, whilst hackers on the other hand, are moving at the speed of the Internet. As Abraham Lincoln aptly put it, 'You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.


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