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F-Secure has tough arsenal to defeat the bad guys: CEO Christian Fredrikson

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
When the attacks become more skillful, we shine better towards the competition in those tougher situations says F-Secure CEO Christian Fredrikson.

F-Secure ATP is like cyber security alarm system which is based on sensors inside the corporation. And then artificial intelligence, heuristic knowledge and ethical hackers (working for us), we know how the hackers work, hide and move. We are not only building end point protection, but the cyber alarm system goes off when the hacker motions into the network are captured.

ATP challenges are very much real for enterprises because there are rogue users with multiple ways to enter the network and you need to have a fitting response. Our ATP solution is more advanced as it goes inside the organization and senses when someone is moving around.

Security companies including you and your competition spend millions of dollars on R&D and innovative products but breaches haven't halted. Why do hackers always stay ahead?

I suppose it has to do with the fact that you always have the first mover advantage when you are doing defense. And secondly - the amount of money being poured in the industry on governmental side and criminal side is so big.

We are in a way doing a ping-pong game on cyber speed in the cyber world where it is like this all the time. They attack and we defend. You are just always going to be in that situation. It is just the advantage of being the attacker versus the defender.

What are real brownie points of F-Secure for the companies to feel secure with your solutions?

They are actually quite simple. We have been awarded as best corporate protection award four years in a row from AV-Test. Twenty seven years of history and nobody beats us on technology and capabilities, our ethical hackers and our sales-services organization.

We are not mass market player but we really employ the high end of the market. Not the best brand, not the biggest brand but we have the best technical capabilities and that's a real differentiator.

I believe we are the easiest to do business with for our channels. We have invested lot of efforts to make the complex technology much simpler. Our user interface (UX) and management systems are far better than the typical market solutions.

The security landscape changed in last half decade with Dell buying SonicWall, Symantec splitting, Blue Coat, Websense, riverbed going private, Intel Security exiting few business lines as few examples. It doesn't get more confusing for channels and their end customers?

Information security market has always gone in bit of waves and now it is in hyper stage now. Companies are buying everything and selling something - left, right and center- and security startups continue to mushroom.

I can understand that it is extremely fast moving and quite confusing for channels and CIOs. We are trying to solve that by taking all that complexity and hiding it away in terms of skillful solutions that makes it easy for enterprises to deploy.


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