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F-Secure has tough arsenal to defeat the bad guys: CEO Christian Fredrikson

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
When the attacks become more skillful, we shine better towards the competition in those tougher situations says F-Secure CEO Christian Fredrikson.

The third one is 'Internet of Things' hacks. We will see more devices as the door into the network whether it is the light bulb or TV. We will see more of those hacks this year I would dare to say. Not because you want to hack the TV but you want the access to the network. Think about maybe hacking a pacemaker as a new mode of ransomware. IoT is a whole new, big and vulnerable world.

Which direction is the enterprise security world headed more towards - endpoint security, network security or both?

We are living in world of ones and zeroes and hence there is euphoric view especially for those who only have one solution or the other. They think it will solve all but it will not. You cannot dismiss endpoint security because the endpoint is always where that data is. It holds and beholds the network endpoints where the real access is. It is a dream world that they will do this or that (end point or network).

Endpoint security does not stop everything. That's almost like washing the hands does not stop all germs, so we should stop washing hands. You will always need both ends of the security spectrum. There will be a massive hole if either one (network and network) is not addressed in security posture for companies.

Is F-Secure focusing on network security too than its predominant end point security play ?

With acquisition of nSense (a Danish company providing security consultation and vulnerability assessment services and products to large enterprises in mid 2015), we now have tools for scanning and we are building tools into the network as well.

In the next set of enterprise offerings, we are using sensors. We are not anymore only in endpoint as we realized the need to be on both sides - end point and network. We also have services - F-Secure Cyber Security Services - included in the overall solution.

Are tech jargons like APT, next gen firewall a case of mere marketing terms for security companies? Next Gen Firewall is a firewall at the end of the day.

To an extent. You can say that firewall is like 2G, 3G, 4G wherein you add on the capabilities to make it next gen firewall. We are building a new ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) solution versus APT (Advanced Persistent Threats). These similar sounding terms can get confusing at times.

End point protection is protection and defense like shielding the whole house across all doors, windows are protected. But the advanced threat perception is when someone with enough money, persistence and capabilities and persistent tries to sneak into the network.


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