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F-Secure has tough arsenal to defeat the bad guys: CEO Christian Fredrikson

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
When the attacks become more skillful, we shine better towards the competition in those tougher situations says F-Secure CEO Christian Fredrikson.

F-Secure expanded from its sole route to address and secure the infrastructure posture of service providers and telcos. The security company headquartered at Finland since past couple of years caters to the commercial segment.

How much ground has F-Secure covered in enterprise and SMB with well-established security players already in the competition? ChannelWorld India spoke at length with Christian Fredrikson, President & CEO, F-Secure Corporation on the product roadmap, company strategy, customer focus and other topics of security world.

"We are not mass market player but we really employ the high end of the market. Not the best brand, not the biggest brand but we have the best technical capabilities and that's a real differentiator," said F-Secure CEO on India visit.

What technology trends and customer environment will drive F-Secure business in 2016 and beyond? 

We are launching new products in B2B space as there is a very strong shift to B2B proposition from our side. That was based on the market demand on the enterprise and SMB side where there is huge match with our offering, technology, competence and brand.

And combined with the huge amount of increase in advanced attacks. When the attacks become more skillful, we shine better towards the competition in tougher situation. Our innovation capabilities is more appreciated in terms of the changes in the cyber security space. It is not about mass market but who can really find and work with you in wake of tough environment and tough attacks. The trends are more advanced attacks and more money poured into cybersecurity and that's impacting everybody.

2015 was the year of data breach. Can you stick out your neck on what's in store for the security world this year?

All of those breach types in all likelihood will continue in 2016. Like ransomware will continue to be big part as there is huge money for criminals and hackers.

At the same time, we will see probably three key trends in 2016. The first sign has already happened - the real physical damage (equipment) by cybersecurity attacks. For example, Ukrainian power system was hacked some months ago as some part of the grid was taken down. In the freezing winters of cold countries, that is a massive death threatening impact when the heating systems go down. For the first time, we are now seeing those kinds of attacks as we spoke about them and there were government targeted attacks. But now we see the impact on other sectors.

We will see more advanced hacks to down the chain. You can copy software. But it is not possible with nuclear submarine but you can try to steal it. More advanced attacks because those grade attacks done by government that software and malware will go down the line to hackers.


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