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Endpoint security is the new sexy: F-Secure CEO

Yogesh Gupta | Feb. 10, 2017
Modern organisations must secure the multiple threat vectors on its endpoints ASAP warns F-Secure CEO, Samu Konttinen.

How ugly will be the face of ransomware in 2017 and what would be the probable triggers?

It will get worse. Many of the ransomware families are only getting started now though it exists for years. There is good chance of first ransomware cases in IoT space. Also more Mirai type hijack cases can happen wherein IoT is harnessed for cybercrime. IoT space remains be vulnerable as IoT providers focus on user experience, cool interface etc and security is not top of the mind. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are instances of connected cars forced to be locked. There might be more nation state cyber aggression between countries due to new USA president.

The murkier threat landscape spells more headaches for CSOs and CIOs.

Many companies’ leadership haven’t figured out the clear path for CSOs though the cybersecurity is on their agenda. CISOs often think of their role as a bigger budget to buy hardware equipment and software than their earlier role head of IT. Many CISOs get it all wrong as buying more stuff was would mean no presence of monstrous cybersecurity problems which is not the case.

CSOs should have strategic approach and realize that cyber defence is much more of a process. They need to elevate yourselves from IT box to more of a strategic role. CISOs should be partners for the BUs by aligning with company objectives, enable the business and manage the risks. It’s always the process or the people that mess up great technologies and this most CSOs don’t really comprehend. They don’t take their role holistically beyond an upgraded IT security role.

McAfee exiting multiple product lines including email security in 2015 must have benefited F-Secure with similar solutions.

We benefited a little bit mainly across Europe. Another big benefit we see in recent past is from politics perspective. After Edward Snowden revelation, more companies are approaching us than ever before as we are not an American company. They don’t want to work with the company with a cyber defence that might be forced to create a back door for NSA. Organizations will not be relying all its defence on F-secure only. They will have a multi-vendor policy with maybe some bit of for example Symantec or Palo Alto Networks. This multi-vendor policy is good wherein we are one company with no strings attached to powerful country’s national surveillance agency.

Being an independent company from Finland and not part of NATO makes them to work comfortably with us. They like F-Secure’s good team, great products, well-etched vision and importantly our origin being different country than America.

Lastly, why are cybercriminals and hackers are always one step ahead of R&D intensive security industry?


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