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Endpoint security is the new sexy: F-Secure CEO

Yogesh Gupta | Feb. 10, 2017
Modern organisations must secure the multiple threat vectors on its endpoints ASAP warns F-Secure CEO, Samu Konttinen.

We are in good shape and growing faster than the market rate. But we are extremely cautious and much focused as we cannot ignore the widespread competition from big security boys in the marketplace. We have to be ‘security specialist’ and elevate our endpoint security playfield.

Isn’t endpoint player F-Secure missing the bus with ‘network security’ game?

Actually it’s the opposite. Three to four year ago, there was a big gold rush in the network security space around gateways, next-gen firewall etcetera. But the tables have turned. Endpoint is the new sexy again. Because people have realised that the targeted criminals want to breach the end points which is always their ultimate target. The sole reason being that there are keys at the end point. Once they hack into the administrative keys from an end point of company’s employee, they can hack the whole company. End point is always where there is the big issue now.

There is now the emergent trend of cloudifcatIon including countries like India as well. People are moving their IT to cloud including most of the applications. Organizations are gradually moving their workloads and apps to cloud but endpoints will never disappear. The network security, gateway layer for a company with no on premise IT becomes limited or irrelevant to an extent.

Some big companies like banks might never go cloud route due to data privacy and other issues. However many companies are totally abandoning their Internal IT especially in the mid-market. Some super big organizations with the army size of IT teams show resistance to cloud for the real reason of the possible job loss of IT folks. Many mid-market companies understand the cloud option to manage IT and dedicate their main focus on their business. F-Secure would continue to be an endpoint centric security vendor.

What’s about network security companies buying endpoint ones (Palo Alto - Cyvera, FireEye - Mandiant as examples) and vice versa (Sophos buying Astaro and Cyberoam). Does holistic strategy means more deals for security vendor?

It can provided you are absolutely the best in both of the worlds. We launched rapid detection service (in managed detection space) around six months back. We have now lot of cases where the customers have bought the machinery from Palo Alto, the sandboxing etcetera from FireEye but they still see attackers have come in. Many cases they have placed F-Secure rapid detection sensors to their end points. Through the Red teams, the attackers pass through Palo Alto and FireEye gear, but once the bad point hit the endpoint where the keys are - our technology flags it.

CSOs and IT managers appreciate the detection on the endpoint which FireEye and Palo Alto could not touch on the network level. This is a unique technology today in end point detection. And we always had good products in prevention space including traditional AV.


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