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Endpoint security is the new sexy: F-Secure CEO

Yogesh Gupta | Feb. 10, 2017
Modern organisations must secure the multiple threat vectors on its endpoints ASAP warns F-Secure CEO, Samu Konttinen.

Samu Konttinen, President and CEO of F-Secure

The breaches and cyberattacks expected to increase in 2017 is bound to give more sleepless nights to the security professionals. CSOs are largely confused to plug the gaps on both sides of security - network and endpoint- in the IT infra posture at their companies. Samu Konttinen, president and CEO, F-Secure in a detailed conversation on an India visit chatted with CSO India on the threat landscape, competing vendors and the future of cybersecurity. Edited Excerpts.

You have been at the helm of F-Secure since August 2016. What have been your top priorities in this role?

F-secure is not a startup but compared to industry giants like Symantec, we are much smaller. We cannot pretend to be the cybersecurity supermarket where you get everything. Hence we are extremely focused to compete with ‘best in class’ solutions in the areas we operate.

In the B2B space, the end point is expanding from the traditional AV prevention and moving towards detection capabilities. Some vendors call it next generation, some call it EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response). There’s a paradigm shift in endpoint wherein one cannot rely on security solutions to stop everything. The bad guys are so skilled and so persistent that if they target your company, they will eventually get into the network. Your security solution should have the capabilities to detect the intruder ASAP as you cannot stop them. The expansion on the end point side is more about detecting behaviour- based analmolies which traditional AV or ‘best in class’ firewalls can’t figure out.

Secondly, we are expanding into vulnerability management which is an interesting area. F-secure is currently the only vendor with a value proposition of combination of end point and vulnerability management and the patch management (as part of end point portfolio since long). The end point protection, vulnerability management and patch management creates a logical and holistic solution for CSOs and CISOs of organizations.

We are also exploring some of the new threat attacking vectors in the cloud. Couple of months ago, we announced a tie-up with as only cybersecurity vendor to provide an additional layer of security for Salesforce environment.

F-Secure is rapidly shifting its focus from consumer business to B2B. How’s the report card been so far?

The shift to B2B business began three years back. Today 50% plus of company’s top-line emerges from B2B. The consumer market is becoming increasingly different as more consumers switch to free security solution in today’s app economy. Some of our competition feel this model is fine. But if the free product actually digs the consumer’s information and data then that security company is violating the consumers’ privacy. We are not tapping into this free ad-funded data-funded business model and hence we are shifting our investment away from B2C towards B2B.


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