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Don't let IT foul the nest

Michael Foreman | May 22, 2013
Could the police adopt Google Glass? Michael Foreman looks at what could happen if reality eyewear becomes a law enforcement tool.

Back in New Zealand I am pleased to observe that we haven't quite gone down this route yet. Police are testing mobile ANPR cameras but as far as I am aware there are no plans to establish a comprehensive roadside network.

However several local authorities around the country must surely be tempted to use number plate recognition technology to enforce bus lanes for example. On my daily commute in Auckland I frequently pass council employees who are videoing passing cars and recording any cars that stray into the bus lanes.

At the moment council workers must replay the video and manually make a note of the vehicle's number plate before issuing the ticket. I think it would be pretty easy to make a business case for replacing these operatives with ANPR cameras which could also check whether the rego and WOF are up to date. From the council's point of view this would provide a highly efficient means of gathering revenue but where would it end? Drones one day perhaps?


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