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DDoS attacks are more than disruptions to service

Kacy Zurkus | Dec. 4, 2015
While security teams are distracted by DDoS attacks, hackers are infiltrating networks with malware.

The risks of not investing in DDoS prevention and protection are more than monetary. “When a company has to mitigate an attack that is taking place instead of preventing an attack from occurring, then they will pay a steep price for not only lost business contracts and damaged reputation, but also for an urgent solution too,” said Vigovsky.

Echoing the need for prevention and protection, Larson said, “All reasonably likely to be attacked environments should have DDoS defense on the perimeter.”

One measure enterprises should take to build a culture that prioritizes security and prepares for the inevitable of an attack is, “Simulating worst-case scenarios in order to create a corresponding cybersecurity strategy,” said Vigovsky.

Enterprises can take steps toward making security a central concern for all. “A comprehensive strategy should include a combination of IT solutions, security policies and prepared staff to help prevent cyberattacks,” Vigovsky said.

Richmond said, “IDC believes that security needs to move toward being a positive contributor to the business. Security in and of and for and by itself no longer works.” Shifting the corporate culture to one that centralizes a concern for security must be a priority enterprises.

In order to effectively make that change, executives have to buy in to an inclusive plan that is well designed and focused on cross communication. DDoS attacks impact more than security, and everyone from marketing to public relations shares an interest in preventing these attacks and minimizing their impact.


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