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Companies failing to get security basics right

Byron Connolly | Aug. 26, 2015
Many organisations are failing to secure their tech infrastructure at a very basic level, according to Tanium CSO, David Damato.

"A lot of those organisations that hired me in the past ... I've helped them provide crisis management and communications and all the things that surround making sure an incident is well managed from a communications and regulatory perspective.

"But a lot of data breaches remain silent and if there's no reason to report them, it's very rare that you actually see a breach in the news," he said.

Industries such as mining in Australia are heavily targeted by nation states or at least were for a number of years, he said.

"Those aren't things that are always reported in the news. Australia has a number of very high profile corporations that make really interesting things and there's definitely nation states out there not stealing personal information but intellectual property which we probably never hear about."


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