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Check Point helps businesses keep their edge in security

Anuradha Shukla | April 19, 2012
Introduces Check Point ThreatCloud and GAiA unified secure operating system with its latest R75.40 software blade release.

Check Point Software Technologies is enabling customers to further consolidate their security infrastructure and simplify their management with the release of an updated version of its Software Blade Architecture- Check Point R75.40.

Check Point has also released Check Point ThreatCloud. This collaborative network to fight cyber crime gathers threat data from an innovative worldwide network of threat sensors and distributes threat intelligence to security gateways around the globe.

R75.40 features Check Point GAiA, a unified secure platform for all Check Point appliances, open servers and virtual gateways.

Check Point GAiA combines the best of Check Point legacy operating systems, IPSO for IP Series and SecurePlatform (SPLAT) for all other Check Point appliances. This combination, notes the company, helps customers to effectively consolidate their security infrastructure in addition to simplifying their management.

Check Point R75.40 focuses on prevention against modern malware with Check Point ThreatCloud.

"To fight sophisticated, multi-vector attacks, deploying multiple standalone solutions is not sufficient," said Gil Shwed, founder, chairman and CEO at Check Point Software Technologies.

"With a 64-bit OS and a variety of cutting-edge features, GAiA enables customers to align multiple layers of security protection on a unified platform and create an integrated security blueprint."

Check Point ThreatCloud

Check Point ThreatCloud provides customers with real-time threat information and attack trends to enforce protection against bots, APTs and other sophisticated forms of malware.

The solution sends collective threat information directly to security gateways and software blades, and this feature makes it the first and unique collaborative network to fight cyber crime.

Check Point ThreatCloud powers new Anti-Bot and enhanced Antivirus Software Blades by feeding threat updates directly to customers' gateways. The solution is dynamically updated based on an innovative global network of threat sensors and invites organisations to share threat data and collaborate in the fight against modern malware.

"Check Point ThreatCloud is based on a global collaboration to increase the volume, quality and speed of threat intelligence - enabling customers to quickly respond to threats that may have happened next door and apply the appropriate protections to their gateways before they can spread," said Dorit Dor, vice president of products at Check Point Software Technologies.


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