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Be paranoid: 10 terrifying extreme hacks

Roger A. Grimes | June 16, 2015
Any device with a computer chip can be hacked, but not all hacks are created equal. In fact, in a world where tens of millions of computers are compromised by malware every year and nearly every company's network is owned, truly innovative or thought-provoking hacks are few and far between.

Last year, Miller and Valasek discussed wireless remote hacks against 24 different cars, ranking the Cadillac Escalade, Jeep Cherokee, and Infiniti Q50 as the most hackable. They were able to document that the car's remote radio features were linked or could be linked to the car's critical control systems. Last year the U.S. Senate concluded in a report thatnearly every car produced today is hackable.

Now car manufacturers are following the lead of traditional software companies: They are hiring hackers to help improve the security of their car systems.

Think about that the next time you're at a dealership, tempted by the model with the best Wi-Fi.


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