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Attackers piggyback Pokémon Go's popularity to circumvent users’ at-work caution

David Braue | July 14, 2016
Users may be more careful with their passwords and online activities at work, but it's all for nought once they get home

What began as careless behaviour by employees can easily become a major security violation, particularly since unscrupulous hackers are readily sharing email and other credentials by the millions - often for nothing more than social-media likes.

Given the frequency with which credentials are being compromised, FitzGerald said, users should regularly change passwords and improve their overall strategy for managing their credentials both at home and at work.

"Keep your passwords long, complex, and different on every site," he advised, recommending the use of password managers to facilitate this process. "This can make them difficult to remember, and even more difficult if you follow the typical advice that you change them regularly."

ESET launched its Australian office in 2013 based on the "very high" awareness of security here, Asia-Pacific Marketing director Parvinder Walia told CSO Australia at the time, and has seen breakneck growth since then as the local team doubled the targets they had initially set for their partner-driven business.

Source: CSO Australia


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