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Are your biggest security threats on the inside?

David Weldon | Sept. 28, 2015
Ask most computer pros to talk about IT security, and you’ll likely hear about all sorts of external threats, like malware, hackers, spyware, DOS attacks and the like. But what if the bigger – and more costly – threat comes from within?

But technology is only part of the solution. It is equally important is to watch for changes in user behavior, Ravishanker says. 

“One of the big things is really looking at changes in employee behavior,” LeClair agrees. “Maybe their work performance is dropping off or they’re arriving later. Conceivably it could even be better work performance in that they’re grabbing data. Or behavior toward other employees might be something that you notice.” 

Finally, in addition to all the best security practices that an organization should focus on, the bottom line is how well the organization treats its workers. 

“The thing I feel best about is that we have a Best Place to Work, and it’s on the Best Place to Work list for a reason,” Anderson concludes. “I do think that if you have fully engaged employees that feel appreciated and that their work is being recognized, they are less likely to feel that they want to commit crime on the job.”

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