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A ray of hope in the fight against malvertising

J.F. Rice | Jan. 20, 2016
A new service offers to keep all your Web browsing on its servers. It could be the answer, despite the risks of contracting with a startup.

This is pretty cool, in principle. It seems like a workable solution for casual, personal Web surfing like those Web searches I was talking about. It may also be useful for work-related activities such as checking up on the news. I’m not yet sure how well it will support business-related applications like our payroll vendor and help desk ticketing system, both of which are run on third-party websites, but those are definitely less risky than websites we don’t have a third-party relationship with.

I haven’t heard about any other companies providing a service like this. This company is fairly new, so there is some risk in putting a lot of trust in its service. But given the day-to-day risks I’m currently experiencing, it seems like a life raft to me right now.


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