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5 ways to create a collaborative risk management program

Natalie Runyon | June 10, 2013
Natalie Runyon gives advice for breaking down the security and risk silos in your organization for a more collaborative enterprise risk management approach

Benchmark with peer companies to collect best practices
Understanding what your counterparts are doing is an influencer and can be a compelling piece of information to garner support for cross functional collaboration in an enterprise risk program not only from participants but also senior sponsors.

Once support for the cross-functional group is built, then gather the participants to create a purpose, charter, scope and rules of engagement and objectives. That way, it is completely transparent why the group exists and what it is set out to do. These foundation documents should be available in an electronic format to every participant.

Greater collaboration has been an uphill battle in an industry with a historical reputation of being the group of "no." More global security leaders initiating increased partnerships will help erode this old belief while serving our internal customers more effectively.

Natalie Runyon is the Director of Security of the Americas at Thomson Reuters, a security leadership expert and a women's leadership strategist based in New York City.


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