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2016 to be Wild Wild West for CISOs: Carl Leonard, Raytheon Websense

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
Data breaches to continue in 2016 as more CISOs will adopt cyber insurance to mitigate risk, says Carl Leonard, Principal Security Analyst at Raytheon|Websense.

What about the threat through wearables or connected watches (traditional watch makers to like Fossil joining bandwagon of Motorola, Apple) to the corporate network?

We expect more end users to adopt wearables in the workplace. Gartner has predicted that in two years, there will be globally 2 million employees that are actively encouraged to have  a wearable - where it measure heart rates etc. it will definitely be a trend and we will appraise the situation and see what types of risks these could involve.

Right now some wearables the communication is limited to blue tooth. The capability of current devices is just logs data on heart rate, steps etcetera. That data sent to cloud away from the perimeter of the device and that data can be manipulated. There needs to be control for data.

The year of 2015 has been year of data breach. Can you stick out your neck on the big security trends in 2016?

Many of the trends of 2015 will continue in 2016. Businesses have not been able to adapt quickly to the current threat landscape. Unfortunately we will see more data breaches in 2016. The threat landscape moves so quickly and not all business are able to invest in security solution that innovates as the cyber criminals. Sometime implement a solution and becoming comfortable takes time making it incapable to have Longetivity in real time to protect from emerging threats.

CISOs will have to work hard to get their board's attention to wisely invest in security solutions that can protect adapting the threat landscape as we have new arenas of generic top level domains, mobile payments, IoT and more.

While the current threat landscape continues, data breaches will continue to pose more   challenges for CISOs. In 2016 more business can adopt tools like cyber insurance to spread the financial burden in case of attack to third party or insurer. However these are difficult as we predict that the insurers will work on evidence based system asking business to provide evidence on the good solutions in place, good understanding of data, steps to protect the data like encryption. Also provide the insurer that they have implemented some technology that is working for them. 2016 will be year where businesses look to cyber insurance but insurers too will be more specific on their requirements to set the cost of the premiums.

Source: Computerworld India 


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