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11 best antivirus for Mac 2016

Matt Egan | July 11, 2016
The 10 best antivirus programs for OS X. Best free AV for Macs

Or to find out more about Intego, click here.

10. Panda AntiVirus 10.7

Panda is the only paid-for product AV-Testput through its paces that we include here that didn't banish 100 percent of the threats it threw at it. Instead this £29 product captured only 95 percent of threats. That's not bad, but it takes only one threat to cause a catastrophe. Let's move on to the next slide.

Or to find out more about Panda AntiVirus 10.7, click here.

9. SentinelOne

SentinelOne is a really interesting proposition. Unlike every other product here it doesn't used signature-based detection to filter out known threats, instead using the cloud to monitor software behaviour, and banish threats in real time. In AV-Test's lab it detected 100 percent of malware, with zero false positives. We've included it here because of that great performance, but it is really intended for businesses and large organisations rather than your single home user Mac. Not least because AV-Test noted a large impact on system performance. So move on through to the next slide - things are getting better, promise.

To find out more about SentinelOne, click here.

8. Avast Mac Security

Now we are cooking. A Mac security freebie, Avast also detects 100 percent of threats. But this tool had a significant performance impact during tests. If you can stand that, it is a good free option. But there are better.

Find out more about Avast Mac Security 2015 11.3 - Free, click here.

7. Avira Free Antivirus 3.2

Another free antivirus for Mac, and another that successfully protected its test Mac, Avira Free Antivirus 3.2 is in at number four only because it had more of a system overhead than products one to three. According to AV-Test's lab Avira will keep your Mac safe, for free, but you may pay for it in terms of system performance.

Find out more about Avira Free Antivirus 3.2,click here.

6. Sophos Anti-Virus

Our number one free Mac antivirus, and the best we have seen, Sophos Anti-Virus requires of you only that you cough up some personal details. Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac costs you nothing but detects 99.17% percent of threats. It does have a minor impact on performance, however. That may be enough for you to notice the difference, depending on what spec machine you have. The paid products that follow are better, but Sophos is a compelling product.

Find out more about Sophos, click here.

5. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky will set you back £39 a year for the full internet security suite for Macs. In return you get 99.17% percent threat detection from the antivirus, as well as anti-spyware, safer banking software and the rest. Oh, and there is a 30-day trial. The catch? Greater impact on system performance than some of the better products we list in this story, although not by much.


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