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10 tips for offsite meeting security

Joan Goodchild | Feb. 3, 2012
When an organization hosts an offsite event, whether it is a small meeting, or a massive industry conference, it also presents an opportunity for the security department.

Staff vetting may be necessary if you are concerned about the potential for spying or political statement.

"You may want to check with the hotel on new hires in last few weeks," said Finger. "Any new hire could be coincidental, but there could also be a plant going on. Are you bringing someone in who could be the target of kidnapping attempt, or an assassination attempt? If you are, you want to know about local staff."

Decide on vehicle access

Depending on how politically charged the event may be, or how sensitive the topics are that are being discussed, the meeting could attract people looking to make a statement, said Finger. Although rare, a demonstration could include trying to drive a car into a building.

"Security may want to develop buffer zones, designated areas away from the buildings," said Finger. "One idea is to set up some temporary bollards that would discourage people from trying to do something. Large concrete planters can be a deterrent, but also be aesthetically pleasing."

Plan your parking arrangements

Parking is not always a significant issue, but if it is: "Do you have a plan?" asks Finger. If your venue is in an area with large parking areas, are you comfortable with attendees walking through them alone at night? If not, what will you do to ensure safety?

Some ideas include staffing extra lot attendants to ensure people get to their vehicles safely, or augmenting the existing lighting in the lots with additional lights that you provide.


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