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10 things that WON'T happen in 2009

David Kelleher | Jan. 12, 2009
Predicting the future is a futile exercise but there are some things that never seem to change

7. They will not open files from people they don't know It would be the greatest example of naivete if administrators expect users in 2009 to be vigilant and diligent in their handling of email and web downloads. Do you really expect someone to receive an e-card and think 'this may be a security threat, I shall not open'? Wait for that all important support request: 'Something happened to my files, I did not open anything'.

8. Company devices and data will be never be lost again Prepare yourself for the worst. If your organization's employees are using laptops, PDAs, mobile phones and flash drives to do their job, make sure you've implemented encryption at some stage. People have a bad habit of forgetting their laptop on the backseat of their car; their USB stick with thousands of client names on it at the bar (not surprising) and PDAs connected to hot spots without encryption. Lovely!

9. Vulnerabilities and threat vectors will decrease When the perfect operating system appears on the market, you can sit down, put your feet up and enjoy life as an IT administrator. Enough said.

10. You will have an easy life Sorry to disappoint but 2009 will not be easy. You will be faced with more threats, even more gullible employees, a management team that doesn't understand security and, to top it all, a request to perform miracles with fewer resources, and less cash in hand. Don't you just love your job!

David Kelleher is Communications and Research Analyst at GFI.


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