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10 Linux malware threats 2016 - bots, backdoors, Trojans and malicious apps

John E Dunn | June 27, 2016
Malware attacking Linux systems is rare but when it appears it shouldn't be ignored

Another DDoS botnet, this time with clear Chinese origins, Spike started infecting Linux servers in 2014 before being ported to Windows and even SME routers. Used to generate huge DDoS attacks during that year.

9. Windigo platform - 2011

Windigo platform - 2011
Image: ESET

Part of a larger operation to target Linux systems (FreeBSD, OpenBSD) as well as Mac and Windows, Windigo was used to infect 25,000 servers including cPanel and the repository using a web of components such as Cdorked, Ebury and the Calfbot PERL script. Concerning.

10. Anonymous OS hoax - 2012

Anonymous OS hoax - 2012
Image: Vincent Diamante, Wikipedia

An odd one this but criminals sometimes use lateral thinking. News emerged of a secure 'Anonymous' OS image running under Ubuntu offering tools such as Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) for sympathisers. Unfortunately, the OS was a hoax full of Trojans and backdoors.

Source: Computerworld UK 


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