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What you should know about the iPhone SMS spoof attack

David Jeffers | Aug. 21, 2012
SMS text messaging is certainly not exclusive to Apple or its iconic iPhone smartphone. But, apparently there is something unique about the way Apple delivers SMS messages that makes the iPhone particularly vulnerable to spoofing or smishing (SMS phishing) attacks.

Second, common sense should play a role here as well. If you and your best friend text regularly about the sports, or politics, or what the plans are for the coming weekend, and you receive a text that just says click this link, you should be suspicious. If your Mom barely knows what text messaging is, and never really uses SMS, it should alert you that something isnt right if you get a message out of the blue asking for money.

SMS text messaging is a great tool, but its certainly not the most secure. Apples implementation of SMS may be more prone to spoofing than other mobile platforms, but you should think twice about clicking links or sharing sensitive information via SMS messaging on any platform.

As smartphones continue to become more mainstream, attackers will continue to seek out ways to find weaknesses and exploit them. And while iOS has so far remained relatively secure compared to other smartphone operating systems, it's by no means perfect. As attackers get more aggressive about targeting smartphones and tablets, the need for cross-device security will only continue to increase.


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