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What Apple Watch apps will be available? 13 third-party Apple Watch apps that you'll be able to download from day one

Lewis Painter | March 20, 2015
With the Apple Watch release date looming, we've found 13 of the best UK specific Apple Watch Apps that will be available from day one.

With the Apple Watch almost on our wrists, we can't stop thinking about the possibilities that the Apple Watch has, from getting directions straight from your wrist to sending someone your heartbeat.

One thing you may not know is that Apple Watch apps aren't standalone; they need the main app on your iPhone to be able to function. While this may seem like a bit of an inconvenience, it means that you can download iPhone apps that'll work with the Apple Watch in anticipation of its release, for them to be automatically added to your Watch once you get it.

While Apple has mainly concentrated on promoting its own apps for the Apple Watch, it has also showcased some third-party apps that'll be available for download from day one. While US Hotel Chain apps are great if you live in the US, we decided to list some of the cool UK specific Apple Watch apps.

13 Apple Watch apps available from day one: Instagram
Of course Instagram was going to make an appearance on the Apple Watch. You'll be able to scroll through your feed (photos of food, no doubt), like photos and leave comments, though it's restricted to emoji only.

You'll be sent interactive notifications straight to your wrist, allowing you to keep on top of the likes & comments on the photo of the roast dinner that you uploaded half an hour ago.

Download Instagram for iOS here.

13 Apple Watch apps available from day one: Facebook
With the Facebook app, you'll be able to respond to friend requests or messages straight from your wrist. You'll also be able to use the Digital Crown to scroll through your news feed and "Like" updates.

Download Facebook for iOS here.

13 Apple Watch apps available from day one: Twitter
Twitter has been redesigned to fit the compact display of the Apple Watch. You'll be able to scroll through your Twitter feed directly from the watch, as well as the ability to favourite/retweet tweets on your feed.

You also have the choice of being notified by a simple tap on the wrist whenever a new tweet appears - a good idea for casual users, but not for those of us following 600+ people!

One of the more interesting features of the Twitter app on the Apple Watch is that you can compose your tweets using dictation. While this opens up the option of verbal tweeting, we're not sure how people will feel about saying "#BoredAtWork" to their watch.

Download Twitter for iOS here.

13 Apple Watch apps available from day one: BMW iRemote
Prepare to go full James Bond with the BMW iRemote app (and a compatible BMW to go with it). BMW lets you check the charge status of your electric BMW and receive a notification when the car is fully charged. The app also allows you to unlock/lock your car door, check the range and remind you of an upcoming service.


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