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Verizon HTC Thunderbolt: Eight key features and facts

Al Sacco | March 15, 2011
Verizon Wireless this week releases the long-awaited Android-powered Thunderbolt smartphone from HTC. Here are eight facts and features you need to know about Verizon's first LTE handheld before you buy.

The HTC Thunderbolt packs a powerful 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which means it should be powerful enough to run many applications and services simultaneously without performance degradation.

However, if you're seeking the most powerful processor available in a modern smartphone, you may want to consider a dual-core device, such as the recently released Motorola Atrix 4G or the LG Optimus 2X. Put simply, a dual-core processor lets your smartphone handle two tasks at the same time and faster than a single-core processor.

4) HTC Thunderbolt Mobile Hotspot Features

The Verizon Wireless HTC Thunderbolt has mobile hotspot functionality that allows other Wi-Fi compatible devices to connect to Verizon's network via the Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt mobile hotspot feature will lets as many as eight separate devices connect to Verizon's network, according to Verizon's website--though HTC's site says only five.

Verizon is offering the mobile hotspot feature free to those who purchase the Thunderbolt by May 15. After May 15 Verizon customers will need to pay $20 a month per two GBs of mobile-hotspot data, according to the carrier.


5) HTC Thunderbolt Supports DLNA

The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) wireless standard lets users with DLNA-compatible devices share media over a wireless network, and the HTC Thunderbolt fully supports DLNA. So, for example, a Thunderbolt user could send music or video to a DLNA-compatible and Wi-Fi-connected television or home stereo system to listen to the content on better-quality speakers or watch it on a larger, HD display. More and more consumer-electronics makers are currently incorporating DLNA features into their products, and in the coming months and years, DLNA support could become very valuable to users who store lots or media on their smartphones.


6) HTC Thunderbolt "Instant Boot" Feature

Verizon's version of the HTC Thunderbolt has a new "instant boot" feature that enables the device to start up faster than its rivals, nearly instantly, according to HTC. I've yet to see this feature in person, so I can't truly attest to HTC's claim. However, as a long-time BlackBerry user, I can say with certainty that having to wait multiple minutes for a smartphone to boot or restart, as is the case with many Research In Motion (RIM) smartphones, gets old very quickly.


7) HTC Thunderbolt Price Is More Than Reasonable

The HTC Thunderbolt will be available through Verizon Wireless starting March 17 for $249.99 along with a new two-year Verizon service agreement and an LTE data plan. Considering the device is brand new and it's Verizon's first LTE device, that price is reasonable.


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