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Tutanota makes email encryption easy with its new mobile app

Zafirah Salim | Jan. 7, 2015
Users can send and receive end-to-end encrypted emails to anyone, including non-Tutanota addresses.

German-based encrypted email service Tutanota launched yesterday a free and open-source Tutanota mobile application for iOS devices, which comes with 1GB of free storage.

According to its media statement, Tutanota is the first email service that automatically encrypts all user data, enforcing user privacy.

Unlike main providers like Gmail, Tutanota encrypts all the data locally on the users' device before being transmitted to the Tutanota servers in Germany. The data cannot be accessed by anybody, not even Tutanota themselves, the company added.

With this app, users can send and receive end-to-end encrypted emails to anyone, including external users. For encrypted emails sent to non-Tutanota address, they are secured with a password that the two parties need to share.

"Surveillance of our online communication is constantly increasing, simply because it's technologically so easy. We want to stop this and allow people to keep their private data private by making encryption dead-easy to use," said Arne Möhle, co-founder of Tutanota.

"If we want to keep our freedom and our free democracies, we have to stop the intrusion of our private communication online. Encrypted emails need to be the standard, not the exception," he added.


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