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TrackR bravo locator helps find your lost wallet, keys

James A. Martin | Oct. 14, 2015
The upgraded TrackR bravo tag now has a wider Bluetooth signal range and slightly louder audio. It's a functional and affordable tracker, but Tile and the upcoming Lapa 2 are also worthy alternatives.

TrackR bravo is significantly smaller and slimmer than Tile, though, which means you can slip it into your wallet (unless it's super-slim), hang it on a key fob, or drop it into a backpack or purse. You could also stick it inside an eyeglass case, though you'd probably want to use packing tape to better secure the device and keep it from scratching your glasses.

Another advantage of TrackR bravo compared to Tile: You can't swap out Tile’s internal battery when it dies, though the company says it will sell you a fresh one at a discounted rate. (A replacement battery for TrackR bravo cost me about $5 at a local hardware store, but five of them go for $4.29 on

Tile and TrackR work well, and I recommend both of them. However, Tile's thickness makes it less desirable as a tracker for your wallet and other small objects. The upcoming Lapa 2 tracker will also feature an LED light and can be outfitted with a wristband (to help you keep track of children). That device's Indiegogo campaign has already earned more than three times its original funding goal.


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